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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

We got into port elizabeth pretty late and made straight for the hotel. Posted by Hello

The flight out of Durban. Posted by Hello

Hannes our guide stays with us. And Hilda, a guide being reviewed, we meet one more time surprisingly. Posted by Hello

WE leave our bus and our driver Johan in Durban. Ces't la vie. Posted by Hello

More university grounds. Posted by Hello

The campus was lovely, and reminded me of Ann Arbor. There are fewer banana trees there though. Posted by Hello

WE flew into Durban to the univeristy of KwazZulu-Natal, to meet some former and future Allegheny Students. Sihle is doing well, I need to remember to Email him.  Posted by Hello

And then we made like a monkey and groomed groomed groomed! Posted by Hello

A delightful 45 minutes on Tick mountain! Posted by Hello

Song and dance. Posted by Hello

Caitlin, trying the Zulu beer. It was a bit...grainy. Posted by Hello

I got to find out. Posted by Hello

The Zulu Chieftain, with a pipe. We all wondered if it was tobacco. Posted by Hello

The Shaman and Medicine man. Posted by Hello

At the Zulu cultural village, getting the lay of the land. Posted by Hello

A marketplace in Zululand, a real one actually where people who live in the area actually go to buy things. Posted by Hello

Into another country we go. Through imporbable mishaps, Prof. Dickey somehow is crowned a Queen of this land. Posted by Hello

The difference between a black and white Rhino is actually in the mouth not the skin.  Posted by Hello

Ah! The black Rhino! after such a wait it was a relief to finally see one. Posted by Hello

A monkey. A...female monkey I think. Posted by Hello

Burnt out Veldt. I wonder if it's the type of ecosystem that works better with the occasional fire. Posted by Hello

Widdle baby hippo! Posted by Hello

A pair of lions coming to join the party at a watering hole. With so many different species all clustered around I was hoping something might happen. didn't. Posted by Hello

They tell me Hippos are related to dolphins of all things. What a world. Posted by Hello

Why hello there. Posted by Hello